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This is a very simple to use program, claiming to optimize the speed at which you are surfing the internet and how your computer is performing by up to 200%. All you have to do is click a button after installing the program and reboot the system. Throttle does the rest, tweaking the registry to allow information to be processed faster, no matter what modem or router you may be using. It is so very simple, users of all levels will find Throttle easy to use all around.


Throttle does all of the hard work so you don't have to, which many will find very appealing. Just sit back and enjoy faster internet speeds thanks to the program changing the way the computer accesses information (this program is very easy to use too!).

Main Function

Throttle simply speeds up your internet connection, rather than contacting your service provider to request faster speeds, usually resulting in an increase in your monthly fees. If you're looking to speed up your connection on the cheap, Throttle is a great way to accomplish this task.

Extra Features

In this case, there are none.


Throttle is available for a one time 14.99 fee. If you are stuck with a lagging low speed plan, this software offers an opportunity to improve your internet experience without paying ridiculous monthly fees to your ISP. If your speeds are ok, you have to decide if you are comfortable with the software making registry changes to your computer.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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